Whyte Coat


PanenkaのコアプロダクトであるWHYTE COATは、実際に医療現場で使われている白衣を再編集したコートです。
WHYTE COAT is a main product of Panenka which is restructuring the white coat used in medical field.
Please use the very useful functional wear as not only everyday cloth but also uniform.
It's free size and nice on anyone who is 150~185cm tall range.
Retail price is ¥7900~(+TAX) ,wholesale,custom-order(minimun20pcs) and oversea delivery is available.

 Detail 1:アームホール-ARMHOLE

Enough room on arm holes keeps the range of motion.There is less stress if you wear it for long time.


 Detail 2:パターン-PATTERN

Three-dementional structure made by the combination of fragmented patterns fit many people who are various figure.It is the one of the reason WHYTE COAT is popular inspite of free size. 

 Detail 3:袖口-CUFFS

You are easy to roll up the sleeve by the 6cm slit on cuffs.The specification never interrupt your work.


 Detail 4:ボタン-BUTTON

The double button only on top can adjusts your chest~girth of abdomen.


 Detail 5:ポケット-POCKET

There are pockets not only  on front,back and chest but also back.It will add convinience for saving.


 Detail 6:重さ-WEIGHT

The total weight is 360g.If you wear it for long time,you may forget wearing.
※The case of standard cotton100% fabric